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Impact your business

Who We Are

App Impact is a software development company founded in 2016, focused on delivering high quality solutions and products for international clients. We provide custom development services as well as training and consulting. We build solutions which will make an impact.

Cloud Development

Are you planning to expand your business globally? We can help you build moder, cloud-based, highly-available and scalable solutions with microservices oriented architecture and multi-language support.


Mobile Development

Whether you are in need of beautifully designed and modern applications or traditional line of business applications, our cross-platform development teams can help you reduce development costs greatly.


Internet of Things

We provide secure cloud-2-device solutions that add real-time insights, data acquision, automated control and predictive maintenance to your production processes, that can greatly reduce your time and money investments.


Intelligent Systems

Information is power. Learning from the past we must. Our solutions based on Machine Learning and Cognitive Services will help you to better forecast and take best strategic decisions on direction of your business.


Our Services


Are you interested in improving existing business systems or are you facing chanllenges in your development cycles? Together we can optimize your code and implement best practices and design patterns that will help improve both quality of code base and development process as a whole.


Are your internal line of business applications built with outdated technologies? Do you want to boost your development teams with practical insights in latest technologies and trends? Let us be your partners in the process of continuous learning. We can provide onsite trainings specially customized for your needs.